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Welcome to Brush Country Doodles

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Meet Our Breeds

Brush Country Doodles is located in Devine, Texas (about 30 min south of San Antonio.) We are dedicated to responsible breeding. We test our breeding dogs for genetic diseases. We strive to pair the best dogs together to produce sound, happy, and healthy puppies! 

About me-I have always known that I would work with animals since I was a small child. Growing up I had a Lab mix and a poodle mix as my pets. As a teen, I started working at my first Veterinary Clinic. I trained to be a Vet Tech and then decided to go to grooming school (Golden Paws School of Grooming) I became certified in 2004. After graduating from grooming school, I went back to working at the same veterinary clinic as their groomer 4 days per week and as a vet tech 1 day per week.

I had the opportunity to work at Texas A&M as a vet tech, then went to work as a vet tech for a reproductive Veterinarian Clinic. I finally decided I wanted to work closer to my home so I started my own business as a full-time groomer (which I still have) . I have always been obsessed with animals and have fallen in love with doodles. This has transferred to my daughter (Lord help my husband).

So this love of doodles has brought me into the world of breeding. My daughter has the same strong love for animals and is active in raising and caring for our puppies. We are responsible and set the very highest standards for our breeding program. We screen our breeding dogs and provide excellent care, lots of socialization, neurological stimulation and most of all love, love and more love to each and every puppy we raise.

Not only will you get a cute puppy but you will get a very healthy and socialized fur baby.

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